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Best diets to lose weight

If only I had a penny every time someone asked me: ‘Which one is the best diet?’ I would be rich by now. Well what does make a diet be the ‘best diet’ for losing weight? I would say that each and every individual on this world would have their own answer. Some of the elements I would look in a diet are: 1. Good weight loss results would Read more

5 reasons to avoid low fat diets

When you walk into a supermarket, you are bombarded with products claiming to be ‘low fat’ ‘no fat’ ‘fat free’ or ‘less than 10% fat’, so it is no Read more

Understanding What is Cellulite and How to Deal with It

Understanding ‘what is cellulite’ and its causes can help a lot in finding ways to deal with it. Ninety percent of women can experience cellulite at a certain point in their lives and having the knowledge about it can help you get rid of it once and for all. “What is cellulite’ is just the fat that pushed up against your skin’s Read more