Be Rid Of Cellulite – 5 Steps To Ensure Cellulite Removal

Want to finally get rid of cellulite? Well, join the party. The truth is, everyone wants to eliminate cellulite and obtain that sexy body they used to have, or have always wished to have. The problem, though, is that no one knows what to do or how to start removing cellulite. In light of that, these 5 steps were created to help people achieve true, life changing cellulite reduction.

Step One: Start exercising more often. Exercise for cellulite removal can be extremely powerful and should not be overlooked. The aerobic and/or cardiovascular exercises only take about 10-20 minutes a day, and you only have to do them 3-4 times a week. That adds up to about 1 hour every week; most would say that is a pretty fair trade for getting rid of cellulite.

Step Two: Try a few cellulite diets. You don’t have to change all of your eating habits, but some change is warranted. By removing junk food, saturated fat, caffeine, and other toxin containing foods, you stand a much better chance to obtain noticeable results. And, by adding healthier foods to your diet, such as salmon & fatty fish, fresh produce, lean meats, fat-free dairy, vegetable juice, etc. your results will be even more impressive.

Step Three: Begin using cellulite treatment creams. Anti-cellulite creams are designed to help break up the cellulite beneath the skin and prevent it from returning. Basically, all the person does is firmly rub the anti cellulite cream into an area that is showing signs of cellulite. Within a few weeks to months, the appearance of it should be reduced substantially. But then again, if you were to combine this treatment with some of the others, results should be seen even faster. Cellulite ointments and topical medications can be picked up in most drug and retail stores without the need of a prescription.

Step Four: Try cellulite massages. Admittedly, this natural cellulite remedy is a bit more expensive than the other techniques. However, the money spent is usually well worth the results. The treatment is fairly simple and much like other conventional massages. The trained cellulite massager specialist will apply large amounts of pressure to a cellulite infected area. The pressure is such that it increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage, resulting in the breaking up of the cellulite. Also, the pressure will significantly reduce the appearance of dimpled and/or “cottage cheese” skin. Side effects may include mild bruising within the treated area.

Step Five: Consider mesotherapy injections. This technique is more of a fail-safe in case nothing else works than it is a natural cellulite remedy; and it is not for those on a tight budget because treatments run from $300-$500. In a nutshell, the procedure goes something like this: The mesotherapist uses his/her mesotherapy gun to inject a special concoction of vitamins, minerals, and medications into an area showing signs of cellulite. This special concoction is supposed to melt it away within a short period of time so that it can then be easily passed through the persons bowels and kidneys. No scarring, no down time, and no overnighters. The patient goes in and within just a few hours (usually less), he/she walks out.

If you want to be rid of cellulite once and for all, use these 5 steps and don’t give up!

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Author: Sean Saunders
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